Emma Moss

I was diagnosed with MND when I was 37 and a year after first noticing symptoms. My daughter was just one at the time. Since then I have lost my career, my hobbies and my independence. This disease devastates lives and this is why we must be united to end MND.

I began my teaching career in 2004 and worked predominantly in schools that were in very challenging circumstances. Having intended to remain within the classroom sharing my love of literature with students, I soon found myself as Deputy Principal of a large secondary school in the East Midlands. I returned to my post, from maternity leave, and worked for a year while undiagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.

Upon diagnosis in 2018, I retired and now spend my time at home with my daughter, Veryan, who is now four. I also write a regular and successful blog ‘Mummy with MND’ on Facebook which has 25,000 followers. The blog focuses on the challenges of mothering with a terminal illness and seeks to raise awareness of Motor Neurone Disease.

I am so inspired by people living with MND, it’s a brutal disease and the research must be properly funded so that the best of UK science can work together to develop effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure. Until then, we fight on. I am determined to live and be here for my little girl.