Nicola Waters

I was diagnosed with MND in March, 2019 after two years of the left side of my body getting weaker and a number of falls.  I am one of the lucky ones as I am a slower progressor.  I have two sons aged 9 and 6 – I am determined to be there for them as they grow up.  

Before MND, I worked in central Government for 15 years in various areas: private office, trade policy, an EU Directive negotiation, and energy and climate change policy.  I also worked at Essex University in organisational development.

I believe that our charities and scientists have got us to the cusp of a life-saving treatment for MND and we are at a pivotal moment.  We need to fight for the funds to get the treatments developed and into the clinics.  Mothers like me should not have to contemplate leaving their children when we could have treatments to save us.