Chris Johnson

I am 54 years old, husband, father to young children and also a son. Diagnosed in 2018. I spent most of my adult work and life in policing and had the huge privilege of being Assistant Chief Constable in my home force of West Midlands Police.

Like many others I am sure, when I was diagnosed with MND I had a little knowledge of the disease, how it affects people and the prognosis.  I had a fantastic employer which enabled me to continue to work right up to my retirement date. Since my diagnosis I have spent as much time as possible trying to raise awareness of the disease and support for those who are living with it, both the patient and their families.

As a collective of people living with the disease, I truly believe there is much we can do to galvanise individual, community, scientific and political support that can bring about significant change for those of us living with MND. We must be bold, this disease quietly touches so many individuals and their families, we must stop it being silent and act together as a positive force for change.