MND Research NEEDS Targeted funding NOT Generic funding – Minister Ask October 2021

Thank you for taking the time to consider writing to Sajid Javid and Kwasi Kwarteng. We supply a sample letter below that you may wish to use:

Dear [name of Minister],

I am writing to you on behalf of my constituents living with motor neurone disease (MND).

They are seeking your support for their submission to the spending review for a £50 million investment over 5 years in a virtual MND Translational Research Institute. You can find it in detail here 

and in summary in the following one page brief

Leading UK scientists tell us that they are close to a cure for this horrific disease – we must grasp this opportunity. 

You will note that they make not only an overwhelming humanitarian case, but also a persuasive economic one. The proposal for the Research Institute is very much in keeping with the Government’s Life Sciences Vision and the Prime Minister’s ambition for the UK to be a scientific superpower.

The case is built on the urgent need for TARGETED funding for MND research. The figures being used in responses to questions by the government cover general neurodegenerative research rather than the “laser focus” on MND translational research which is needed at this stage.

This was acknowledged by [you/Kwasi Kwarteng] at recent BEIS Questions in the House in response to Christine Jardine MP 

I do hope you are able to support the submission and I look forward to hearing from you.