UK Government commits to United2EndMND plan and innovative funding proposal

November 14th, 2021, was an historic day in UK MND Research funding history. Prime minister Boris Johnson announced his support for and, more vitally, committed to investing a new £50m of funds for targeted MND research over the next 5 years.

You may be asking what now!?

We will continue working with the Government and charities to make sure that this new funding is realised.

I received a terminal diagnosis of MND when I was 37 and my little girl was just 1 year old. I was devastated to learn that there was no treatment and no cure. This new pledge of 50 million pounds from the UK Government brings hope to all of us who have had our lives destroyed by MND. We need to ensure that this money becomes available quickly as we have never been as close to a breakthrough as we are now. Let’s end MND.

Emma Moss

But now, the real work begins…..

There is huge excitement amongst MND patients at this news. We have real hope for the first time since our diagnosis. Those of us with young children now dare to dream that we might see them grow up. Thank you Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid.

Nicola Waters

And starts with…

I’ve been buzzing since the news. But, I feel like a cricketer who has just reached his century. Enjoy the moment and then retake your guard, ready to reach your next goal, which is, of course, the first meaningful treatments for MND. I’m also thinking of all those we have lost, particularly since I was diagnosed 9 years ago. I’ve been fortunate with my slow progression, and that makes me determined to keep trying to make a difference until we have a world free from MND

Dave Setters

Establishing working principles on how £50m investment will be allocated and efficiently granted for the translational model as described in our spending review proposal

I am both excited and delighted by the decision. I hope that this is the start of real promise. This funding will set our leading researchers free to focus on bringing treatments to patients as opposed to struggling for funding.

Lee Millard

New model of funding aims to complement and advance traditional science funding models

This initiative will transform how research is undertaken and creates a platform for the future. It has been clear just how excited the scientists are to be able to work more collaboratively, Sharing data and accelerating trials for the benefit of patients. When I met the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, it was clear that he cared, was well informed and I saw the opportunities that the proposal offered. I am very grateful for his time and support which will offer, for the first time, a sense of hope to those living with this disease.

Chris Johnson