Significant delivery of promised #United2EndMND funds announced by Steve Barclay.

PatientsUnited2EndMND response – Cautious optimism and keeping up pressure for further improvements

We warmly welcome this announcement. It means that our scientists can go ahead and build the vital UK MND Research Institute which will execute the detailed and coordinated scientific plan presented to Government last year. This plan ensures the collaboration of the most eminent UK MND neuroscientists at the 5 top research centres across the UK, along with many other centres, bringing together a total of over 20 leading establishments. 

We shall continue to push for further removal of red tape in the grant application process. While the scientists can proceed with their game changing plan to bring the first meaningful disease modifying treatments to patients in the next few years, we would like to remove as much bureaucracy from them as possible. They can then get on with their work and bring much-needed hope to the MND community, especially by bringing about increased and speedy access to clinical trials.  

Part of the announcement continues to suggest that Government is UNcoordinating what is already CO-ordinated, contrary to its declared intent to make medical research grant applications more efficient. It is also missing the point that the more co-ordinated the grant application process is for such vital translational research, the more MND can become a role model for other serious conditions and help to attract international investment into the UK Life Sciences sector.